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Everything We Know About Excision’s Label – Subsidia

by Arad Javaheri
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A man that needs no intro. When we hear the name Excision we think the biggest and baddest of everything a rave could offer. From 150,000 watts of bass blasting through an arena to the mega-sized screen showcasing the craziest visuals your eyes will see. On top of all that, there are enough lights and lasers to paint a new roof over your head.

With the start of quarantine and cancellation of the Evolution tour, Excision decided being the king of bass and tour scene is just not enough. Subsidia has hit the ground running with a massive 3 part release of over 100 tracks and artists. The three-part compilation Dusk, Night, and Dawn each make a statement of what we can expect from Subsidia. Night featured the heaviest of bangers, while Dusk is home to the wonkier and wobblier sounds of experimental bass, and Dawn is out of the melody, lyrical, and emotional side of bass.

It wouldn’t be Excision without crazy visuals to go along with this label. The city of Subsidia, a futuristic city of bass is home to all who dare enter. We saw a peek into the city at the Lost Lands: Coach Lands stream in September. The hour and twenty-minute long mix featured multiple stages throughout the city and over 150 Subsidia artists. Excision has confirmed that the story of Subsidia will be told with future releases and the city has been founded and continues to be built by fans.

How was the name Subsidia picked? SUB – from subwoofer, a speaker that delivers lower frequencies, which makes you actually feel the music. Subsid – The Latin root word meaning help or aid. Excision aims to help people whether through raging headbanging, tears from singing and melodies, or helping artists grow and expand their careers.

What does Excision have planned for the future?

2019 was a massive year for Lost Lands. With the previous two years leaving a lot of room for improvements, 2019 showcased that the Lost Lands team is working hard to make the experience better and better each year. With a two to three year pause on festival season, Excision believes the extra time will be beneficial in making the return bigger and better than ever before. Through Lost Lands and Subsidia, Excision is on a mission to make bass music as big of a genre as it possibly can be, while staying true to itself and constantly innovating.

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