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Eric Prydz: Construction of the Holosphere

by Arad Javaheri
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Eric Prydz has been a pioneer in progressive house music since the beginning of his career. With hits like Pjanoo and Call On Me breaking the dance music charts and seeing mainstream success around the world. Prydz and his team take great pride in being one of the most innovative live shows in the music industry for more than a decade.

What is Eric Prydz Epic?

EPIC stands for Eric Prydz In Concert, over the years EPIC has included hundred of laser beams, millions of video pixels, and colossal hologram-like illusions. After EPIC 4 and 5 tours which featured a massive cube with Prydz in the center, the team wanted to move away from that for their next show. Liam Tomaszewski, Creative Director & VJ for Eric Prydz, had the idea of building a sphere with see-through LED material.

How long did it take to build Holosphere?

The team spent two years building and researching how to build a sphere they needed. Liam spent endless nights watching videos of motorcyclists in circus shows performing the ‘Death Sphere’ to figure out the best way to build one. Everything had to be custom-made in order to make the project work, even the LED strips that get snapped into the sphere’s noches.

After overcoming the challenge of building a sphere the team needed to figure out how to make visuals that would bring the sphere to life. The content needed to live in what Liam refers to as an equirectangular world, which is what you would see if you take a camera and film 360’ around you. Up is no longer up, left and right no longer exist. With this technique, the Prydz team has been able to create mind-bending visuals like the one seen below.

The EPIC series has never been about money, the team has repeatedly lost money bringing these shows to life. It is a project of passion and innovation. The team is unsure if Holosphere will see any more performances than the one-time show at Tomorrowland.

Check out the full video on Holoshere by The Verge.

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