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Champagne Drip unveils ambient EP ‘Comedown’ on SSKWAN

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Champagne Drip unveils his full length ambient EP, Comedown, out now on SSKWAN. Although venturing outside of his heavy bass and beats, the producer adds a diverse layer to his discography with his first official SSKWAN release. The concept began with his alternate “Comedown” sets at WAKAAN Music Festival, which evoke serenity among the early morning hours. Now, the Comedown EP is laden with meditative and ethereal soundscapes. Each expansive track from “Gaman” to “Yellowcake” transports the listener into a pool of sound, with vibrant colors and resonant textures.  Although ambient, Champagne Drip does inject some intensity with reverberating swells and more poignant melodic material. In addition, “Martian Disco” provides dynamic contrast with its lively groove to the preceding soundscapes. The final two tracks, “Sections” and “Memento Mori” gradually decay into spine-chilling nothingness. Fellow Stage Hoppers. take a moment to chill out and immerse yourself in Comedown.

Champagne Drip shares:

Comedown was written almost a year into the Covid pandemic and is a total departure from my usual dance floor sound. It reflects a time when I was unable to perform for a raging crowd and was digging deeper into ambient, experimental music and the music I grew up inspired by.”

More about

Champagne Drip, the musical incarnation of Los Angeles-based producer Samuel Pool, was born from the philosophy that innovation springs from inspiration. Pool has proven himself to be a trailblazer within the bass music sector of electronic music. With seasoned expertise rooted in dubstep and jungle, his discography consists of countless renowned records. And, multiple headline tours and appearances at some of the world’s largest festivals.

Champagne Drip

Widely known for his diverse sonic concoctions, Champagne Drip is set to continue skyrocketing upon a purely upwards trajectory. Consistently pulling inspiration from his own surrounding environment, his sound is an ever-evolving source that naturally inspires others in turn.


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