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Canabliss debuts on WAKAAN with ‘Plasma’ EP

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Toronto-based producer Canabliss has quickly found a name and audience for herself. In July of 2021, she proved her prowess and production with her debut SSKWAN release, “Freak It.” Now, Canabliss joins the ranks of WAKAAN with an energetically charged-up debut EP, Plasma.

The four track EP features all solo works by Canabliss that explore experimental bass music. “Currents” serves as the introductory track with a mysterious and enticing downtempo groove. Gritty bass stabs permeate the atmosphere like monstrous waves generating the current of the beneath the track. Next, “Quicksand” continues the ethereal quality evoking the sensations of sand flowing, while the grainy bass oscillates and transforms through various textures. “Safety Island” captures the essence of floating effortlessly through time before the safety net gets pulled from under by the laser-like synths and wobbly wubz. Canabliss then concludes her diversified EP with “Sojourn,” featuring subtle melodic motifs glistening above the mystical atmosphere.

Canabliss will also embark on her first nationwide tour alongside WAKAAN label head Liquid Stranger, and make appearances on select dates for Rezz’s Spiral tour. Canabliss will also perform sets at several US festivals this year, including Forbidden Kingdom, Summer Camp, and more to be announced. With ample music and shows to come, Canabliss is unequivocally an artist to watch throughout 2022.

Canabliss tells us:

“Electricity is everywhere, even in our own brains. “Currents” is about forming connections spiritually and physically in life. In this EP Plasma I explored new sound design with tons of heavy bass and dark atmospheres to help express some of the more difficult times we experienced these past couple years. In Canada we’ve still been pretty much locked down without any live music available, so writing music has been my primary outlet.”

Plasma EP by Canabliss was released on February 1st, 2022, via WAKAAN.

More About Canabliss:

Hailing from Toronto, Samantha Infusini, or Canabliss, is a born creative to her very core. With what can only be referred to as an artistic eye, her background is a colorful palette of different mediums, ranging from photography, music, and immersing herself in the digital world through video games.

Canabliss has also earned the title of an autodidact, otherwise known as a self-taught musician. Although her deeply rooted love of electronic music originally sparked the Canabliss project, her honed production skills speak loudly for themselves through the music she releases today.

Quickly garnering attention, her sound resonates throughout all their corners of the music community. Much like her passion for all types of artwork, her music is not aged to any one genre and floats primarily between experimental and future bass. Carving out her own space to express and empower, Canabliss has already brought her engaging sets to the live stages and is well on her way to sharing her creative vision to the masses.

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