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Best Releases of the Week [4.7.23]

by Connor Smith
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Reasons” – Excision x Wooli x The Devil Wears Prada

A high-energy and hard-hitting EDM track, “Reasons” showcases the collaborative efforts of Excision, Wooli, and The Devil Wears Prada. The release is marked by its dynamic buildups that generate a feeling of excitement and anticipation, leading into distinctively crafted and intense drops that are guaranteed to impress even the most seasoned bass fans. The track perfectly exemplifies the unique styles and talents of these three renowned artists, who have become some of the most sought-after names in the EDM industry.

Switch” – Riot Ten x Whales

Riot Ten and Whales have collaborated on a new Trap single called “Switch,” which features a combination of smooth vocal chops and explosive drops. This track is a departure from Riot Ten‘s previous release, “Voices,” showcasing his versatility in the genre and ability to surprise his fans. Whales is known for his dark and melodic sound, characterized by fluttery basslines and hard-hitting synths, establishing him as a major player in the bass genre. Their ability to blend tender harmonies with intense eclectic melodies and captivating percussion offers a variety of styles that keep their fans engaged throughout this electronic hit.

Motion” – Bok Nero

Bok Nero has made a blazing comeback on Dim Mak with his newest Bass House single “Motion.” The track features a captivating bassline, metallic sound design, and Bok‘s energetic vocals, showcasing his skill in crafting high-energy soundscapes. With its catchy and exuberant vibe, “Motion” is a must-have addition to any playlist, highlighting a gritty bassline that embodies the classic house sound.

Get Inspired” – Genisis Owusu (ZHU Remix)

Genesis Owusu remains a highly sought-after Australian export, and he has just released a new remix of his hit 2022 single, “Get Inspired,” by the Grammy-nominated musician and producer ZHU. The song showcases Owusu‘s signature blend of menacing and poetic punk sounds, coupled with an infectious falsetto breakdown that is sure to captivate listeners. This collaboration with ZHU is a testament to Owusu‘s talent and growing reputation as a standout artist in the music industry.

Pretty People” – Dillion Francis (feat. INJI)

Dillon Francis, the superstar producer, songwriter, and DJ, has dropped a fresh track titled “Pretty People,” featuring the up-and-coming Turkish artist INJI. The single is part of Dillon‘s upcoming album, “This Mixtape Is Fire TOO“, a sequel to his 2015 release “This Mixtape Is Fire“. Featuring an intoxicating rhythm accompanied by catchy lyrics and a boisterous beat, this single is a perfect edition to any listeners Summer 2023 playlist.

Save Me (From Myself)” – NURKO x Kyle Hume

NURKO, a producer from New York, has collaborated with Kyle Hume for their new single “Save Me (From Myself),” released today through Astralwerks. This poignant track is only the third release by NURKO since signing with the renowned electronic label. Their previous releases include the soaring 2022 track “Eternity,” a collaboration with Dayce Williams, and the recently launched “Too Long” featuring Cruel Youth. A track that displays dramatic synths, it gives an overwhelming feeling of excitement as the beat erupts through the speakers, a truly masterful demonstration of NURKO‘s producing abilities.

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