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BASSTOPIA: Top Bass and Dubstep Bangers of the Week


by Connor Smith
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“Sick Of Myself”

Whethan x Nessa Barrett

Together, Whethan and Nessa Barrett have crafted a club-ready anthem that bridges the gap between pop and electronic music. “Sick of Myself” is likely to resonate with listeners who appreciate catchy hooks, electrifying beats, and emotionally charged lyrics. With its intoxicating blend of sound and style, this collaboration has the potential to become a timeless favorite in the world of contemporary pop and electronic music.


Point.Blank x Final4orm

Given the genre’s emphasis on deep, wobbling basslines, intense drops, and energetic rhythms, “Backslap,” released via Circus Records, is likely to be a high-octane track that caters to fans of heavy electronic music. Listeners of Point.Blank and Final4orm can expect a auditory journey filled with adrenaline-pumping beats and intricate production elements

“Devil May Cry”

Apashe x Sofiane Pamart

Devil May Cry” is a captivating single by Apashe and Sofiane Pamart, blending symphonic production with delicate piano and trap-infused beats. The track combines beauty and danger, creating an aura of tension and drama. It offers a glimpse of Apashe’s upcoming album, “Antagonist,” which fuses classical music influences with high-profile collaborations, promising a unique musical experience.

“The Antecedent” EP

Perry Wayne

In “The Antecedent” EP, Perry Wayne‘s dedication to innovation and artistic exploration shines through, making it a testament to their contribution to the ever-evolving world of electronic music. This EP promises to be a significant addition to the bass genre, pushing the envelope and leaving a lasting impression on those who venture into Perry Wayne‘s world of electronic sonic exploration.



CHOMPPA  incorporates elements from dubstep, trap, and other bass-heavy genres in his new track, “Sinister“. This fusion creates a unique and recognizable identity as each second of the single passes. CHOMPPA‘s meticulous approach to the music production in “Sinister,” characterized by finely crafted soundscapes, has the power to transport fans to immersive and otherworldly realm. 

“in nowhere”


As an up and coming producer, yvm3‘s work on, “in nowhere,” continues to show the evolution of his talent, gaining him recognition within the electronic music community. With a dramatic buildup that flows perfectly with the elevated drop, “in nowhere” is a banger that will make you put it on repeat.

“Rompa Stompa VIP/Campers VIP”


Known for his dark and heavy sound, Badklaat adds another unique set of VIP’s, “Rompa Stompa VIP” and “Campers VIP” to his discography. Through innovative production, these VIP’s are major contributions to the evolution of the dubstep genre. Badklaat‘s work continues to captivate and inspire fans of bass music around the world as he rises through the ranks of EDM popularity.



Instance,” the latest single by VARI, offers a mesmerizing sonic journey. The track starts with haunting synth textures and ethereal atmospheres, immediately establishing an eerie and alluring mood. As “Instance” unfolds, listeners are drawn further into its enigmatic embrace, guided by pulsating basslines and meticulously crafted percussion.

“No Regrets”

Franky Nuts

From the very first notes of the new track, “No Regrets” by Franky Nuts and Gud Vibrations, it’s evident that the artist is making a bold statement. This track is a powerful blend of extended build-ups and impactful drops designed to grab everyone’s attention. “No Regrets” promises to become a Dubstep anthem at summer music festivals, creating an electrifying atmosphere that will have audiences on their feet and fully engaged in the music. It’s a testament to the artists’ ability to craft a high-energy, crowd-pleasing track that’s bound to leave a lasting impression on listeners and festival-goers alike.


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