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Automhate drops new single “Brain Stab,” via Buygore

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Automhate powers through with aggressive new heater “Brain Stab.” The young Italian producer comes out the gates blazing with an “in-your-face” head-banger. The crisp monstrous drums pound forward as the piercing synths and growling bass unleash on the senses. Automhate lowers the intensity for the sake of the listener’s sanity with a bouncy trap breakdown. Reverting back to the monstrous atmosphere and closing out his new single, leaving listeners destroyed and yearning for more!

“Brain Stab” is out now via Buygore!

More about Automhate

Hailing from Italy, Automhate, the 22-year-old riddim/dubstep producer, has had a big year to say the least. Starting out as a frequent on Riddim Network and now will be collaborating with significant artists on the scene such as K-NINE & MONXX. His highly anticipated Terminhate EP is due out on Disciple: Round Table as well. With viral tracks like “Tonal Riddim” and “Solo,” the young producer made his mark in the music industry. Releasing on major labels like Halcyon, Disciple, Never Say Die, Buygore, and Subsidia, Automhate is one to go for upcoming years.



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