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ATLiens Release Ominous “Space Cathedral EP”

by Connor Smith
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Today, Atlanta trap powerhouse ATLiens dropped their long awaited “Space Cathedral EP” via Bassrush Records. Since releasing their last collaboration, “Front Man EP”, earlier this year with Canadian dubstep trio Black Tiger Sex Machine, fans were left craving more from the bass driven duo. With a long tour of headlining shows across North America, ATLiens have made their presence known as an electronic force. Demonstrating down right dirty performances at Lost Lands and Moonrise Festival, the up and coming pair have built a following with a thirst for their dark and trance-inducing sound.



Listening to the “Space Cathedral EP“, ATLiens unique sound truly make you feel as though you have left planet earth, hurling through the depths of bass space with every drop. The track “Space Cathedral” perfectly sets the tone for the EP, with a dramatic rhythm building into otherworldly beats. Enlisting the dark prince of dubstep Svdden Death as a collaborator in “Purgatory”, ATLiens create a series of sinister sounds and a tempo that has the heart pounding from start to finish. Transitioning from the dark and ominous energy, ATLiens provide a more powerful and uplifting feel in “comingforyou”, an anthem with an upbeat tempo that has the listener feeling as though they are finally floating back down to earth.


More About ATLiens

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, ATLiens broke into the EDM scene with their track “Chief”, attracting the attention from many as electronic superstar Skrillex debuted their record at Boiler Room. Since, ATLiens have traveled globally, performing their “Abduction Tour”, “Space Cult Tour”, and many more across North America and Australia. In 2018, they debuted their “Invasion EP”, quickly gaining them notoriety within the trap community. As they became more recognized, ATLiens secured spots at the renowned festivals such as Lost Lands, Moonrise, and Paradise Blue, furthering the advancement of their “space cult”. With each year that passes, ATLiens continue to grow into their own, cornering their own section of the EDM realm, perfecting the dark sound that helped them rise to fame. Pay attention, because an invasion is coming.

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