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AstroLizard releases “Lizard Funk Symphony” via WAKAAN

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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AstroLizard releases his first single of 2022, “Lizard Funk Symphony,” via WAKAAN. Dropping onto the music scene from the far reaches of space, AstroLizard’s journey began in 2021 with his first single, “Need You” and debut album Bizarre Universe. Backed by the legendary WAKAAN record label of Liquid Stranger, this lizard is ready to take the world by storm. 

For his first release of 2022, AstroLizard unveils “Lizard Funk Symphony.” This groovin’ and bass bumpin’ track takes listeners on an inter dimensional sonic journey. Featuring heavy reggae influence with crisp syncopation, incorporation of brass instruments, powerful percussion, and interstellar sound design, “Lizard Funk Symphony” offers unique insight to the eclectic music of this one of a kind space lizard. With it’s blend jaw-dropping wubz and precise melodics, this track will certainly have fans groovin’ from start to finish.

Regarding this release, AstroLizard states:

“I’ve only been on this planet for a year and have been listening to a lot of reggae. “Lizard Funk Symphony” is me wanting to create something unique. My first offering in the human year of 2022!”

“Lizard Funk Symphony” by AstroLizard was released on January 25th, 2021, via WAKAAN.
More About AstroLizard

AstroLizard, the last of his kind, escaped from his home planet of Kepler 488-b to spread joy and bass across he universe. Soon after landing on Earth, he made friends with the legendary record label, WAKAAN. They partnered together to bring AstroLizard’s galactic funk to humankind. Their first song, “Space Cowboy” was followed by a remix of Liquid Stranger’s “Psychonaut.” They followed that with their first full-length album, Bizarre Universe. Featuring artists like PIERCE and Leah Culver, AstroLizard aimed to bring the full spectrum of human emotions through this album. Currently, AstroLizard is cooking up some more inter-dimensional music and preparing his gear for the human race to experience his live performance. This will truly be the year of the lizard!

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