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5 Must See Acts at Lightning In A Bottle 2023

by Arad Javaheri
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The Do Lab team has announced an absolutely stacked lineup to celebrate their 20th anniversary. If you’re an experienced festival attendee, you know not to skip an anniversary celebration! Organizers  go bigger than ever to celebrate a historic journey and LIB deserves all the praise as they’ve been able to stay independent for 20 years. Over this time, a community of love and passion for music has formed with veteran and new attendees coming back year after year. If you’re ready to experience Do LaB’s living and breathing outpost for misfits and music lovers, creatives, and experience hunters, look no further and grab your tickets now!

1.  Tale Of Us 

Techno has had a massive year in 2022-23 with Tale Of Us leading the charge with their immersive shows. In previous years we did not get too many opportunities to catch Tale Of Us in the US. This year they swept across the nation with massive shows at Ultra Miami, EDC Las Vegas, and Coachella to name a few. Their audio/visual show is designed to spark every emotion in your body with spooky visuals and an enchanting melodic techno sound. Tale Of Us currently has one of the best shows in the industry which is why they’re our number 1 pick for artists to catch at LIB!


DRAMA is blurring the lines between R&B and dance-pop and we are here for it! The project is the multicultural collaboration between producer Na’el Shehade’s chic Chicago house -infused production style and vocalist Vua Rosa whose soulful delivery is inspired by jazz, hip-hop, and bossa nova. I still have the duo’s 2022 EP Don’t Wait Up on repeat and look out for their releases time and time again.

3. Deathpact

A lof of mystery surrounds this anonymous producer. With a debut on REZZ’s album, Deathpact captured the audiences attention with brain-tickling beats and melodic heavy hitters. Rumors quickly spread that the masked artist could be Madeon but Madeon himself took to Twitter to confirm that it was not him which only added more fuel to the search.  In a lineup headlined by REZZ and support from LSDream, and Liquid Stranger, Deathpact still sits at the top of my list for artists to catch at LIB.

4.  Beats Antique 

If your festival family does not know about this trio take them to this set as a surprise and watch them be blown away. Best known for their live sets which include costumes, ships and masks, and shadow dances. Their sound pulls from cultures and history from all around the world including live drums, viola, guitar, saz, and more. Designed for an audience with an appreciation for art and stories, this set will surely spark your imagination unlike any other.

5. Sampa The Great

In preparation for her debut album, Sampa spent four years of personal and music soul searching and touched on her appreciation for her roots as a Zambia-born, and Botswana-raised artist. Her sound ranged from classic hip-hop to ancient Souther African sounds, the product of meaningful music connection and a redefining of her self-identity away from the comforts of family and old friends.

For Tickets and More Info: https://www.libfestival.org/

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