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Seven Lions Retro Trance EP Announced! 1999 EP

by Arad Javaheri
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Seven Lions 1999 EP will be one of the most special releases of 2021 so far!

Taking us back to 2016 when the hit track Rush Over Me with Illenium, and Said The Sky took over the festival scene. The 1999 remix of this track will feature a retro future trance spin on the mega-collab.

2020 has been a strange and demotivating year for Seven Lions. Without the explosive energy provided by touring, it’s been hard “feeling inspired and creative in the studio”. The making of the 1999 EP has brought back nostalgic vibes and has made Jeff remember how much he loved the process of making music with zero expectations.

The first single will be released this Friday 1/22/2021 and we have no doubts it will once again take over the festival scene when events return. Follow us for more updates of EP release date announcements.


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