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Meet the Designers of Basspod

by Arad Javaheri
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Heather Shaw and Elliott Dunwody of Vito Motus Design Studio are the team behind the iconic Basspod stage at the world’s biggest festival EDC Las Vegas. Vito Motus designed the Dirty Robots which transformed over the years of 2015 to 2017 and Space Monkeys design that began in 2018 and has been evolving every year since.

This article will be covering the Dirty Robots design which was impressively voted the best stage of EDC LV 2015 by LA Weekly. Beating out the massive Circuit Grounds megastructure that fans still consider one of the most epic stages of EDC.

Vito Motus Design Studio started out of passion for industrial design, art, music, and community. Heather and Elliott met in 2006 and began working together in 2012. The design process is always shifting based on the inspiration of the festival. With bass music and electric sky as the inspiration behind Basspod, the designers took a deep dive into technology, power, dark, and bold designs. They aimed to come up with an iconic design that would be a symbol for bass music.

The story of the Dirty Robots has been left a bit of a mystery but we do know the story begins with aliens traveling to earth. They have traveled through space and time earning their space dirt. After a long trip, they landed in the speedway to party.

Considering the interdict design and size of the Basspod, it took over two months to draft the stage. Drafting is the preparation of the concept of the design. Detailed dimensions drawing with every conceivable detail for the construction of the stage must be included. Ensuring that contractors don’t have any confusion or misinterpretations when building the design. All the specifications for construction and materials must be prepared with precision for the setup process to go smoothly and be completed on time before the festival.

The robots have a scenic and media design. This feature provides a more complex look to the stage, with screens pointed in all directions to create a more ecstatic environment. Stepping into the Basspod can be overwhelming with 7 robots all around you shooting fire, smoke, and bass. The 360 design makes it an amazing environment for both the artist and ravers. The pods give the dance floor a boundary which helps circulate more energy throughout the dance floor.

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