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Insomniac Lawsuit Featuring Heavily Medicated Judge, Live Nation Exploring NFTs | Ep. 7

by Arad Javaheri
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Today we will be discussing festival and music news, news regarding a recent Insomniac lawsuit featuring a heavily medicated judge, and live nation exploring NFTS as a way to capture moments from concerts and festivals.


Resorts World Las Vegas

Resorts World Las Vegas, the $4.3B resort is the first to be built on the strip in the last decade. Resort World’s pool complex will be the largest on the Strip with seven stunning pool experiences to choose from. Technology is a center point of the project with massive LED displays to service at the touch of your fingertips.

Dayclub, The resort also features a Southeast Asian islands-inspired day club called Ayu. Complete with live music, refreshing cocktails, and positive vibes. It comes off as a more relaxed vibe compared to other day clubs on the Strip, you can expect groovy house music and plenty of sunshine to keep you relaxed.

Nightlife, Zouk Nightclub opens Fall 2021 with state-of-the-art production. It will be one of the biggest and most technologically advanced nightclubs in the country.


Insomniac Wins Appeal In Beyond Wonderland Lawsuit Despite Heavily-Medicated Arbitrator. In 2013 Insomniac was sued by their former partners Alper and Ballou for an event called How Sweet It Is music festival which was held in March. Now, what festival do we know that is now held in March by Insomniac? Beyond Wonderland. They accused Insomniac and Rotella of breach of contract and fiduciary duties and other claims in 2013 by organizing the Beyond Wonderland music festival. Arbitration of the case took place as a nine-day hearing in May and June 2017

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