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Ticketmaster’s Solution to Bring Back Live Events.

by Arad Javaheri
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The live events industry has been one of if not the hardest-hit industries since lockdown began in March. With promoters eager to bring back events, Ticketmaster, the global leader in advanced ticketing technologies has announced the development of SmartEvent, a tool that helps fans safely return to live events.

SmartEvent is designed with flexibility in mind, giving organizers the ability to adapt protocols to meet evolving needs of capacity, distancing, and other logistics throughout the reopening of concerts, sports games, comedy shows, and other live events.

What does SmartEvent technology do? It uses custom algorithms that consider venue size, the distance between seats, and many other data points to create unique seating strategies for each event. Contactless and self-service experience are a key part of this technology. Contactless box office is being introduced to reduce the need for will-call and physical interactions. Merchandise and mobile ordering of food and drinks are being adapted to reduce wait times at pickup windows and lines.

SmartEvent is now being used in NFL games and operations are going smoothly. When events do come back we will be greeted with a new concert/festival experience. I for one am excited for faster entry of events and reduced wait times when buying drinks. Imagine placing orders for merchandise, food, and drinks and being notified when your order is ready. No more wasting time missing your favorite artists.

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Source: Ticketmaster Introduces ‘SmartEvent’ Solutions to Help Live Events Welcome Back Fans

Cover Photo Credits: World Club Dome

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